The Cluck Of Love

Cassowary Bird Fine Art print hand drawn by local artist Holly Ruanne, this fun ‘Cluck Of Love’ print comes on Fine Art Textured 300g in various sizes.


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"This is Susan, I met her in Cairns and tried to bond with her by feeding her a melon. Cassowary’s are not a romantic bird, the females mate with a lot of males and leave clutches of eggs in many nests. The fathers then incubate, hatch and home-school the chicks."  Holly Ruanne - 2020.

Hand drawn, digitally coloured and printed on fine Art textured 300g paper.

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Fine Art Textured 300g A4 : £20, Fine Art Textured 300g A3 : £28, Fine Art Textured 300g A2 : £40, Fine Art Textured 300g A1 : £55


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Design by

local artist, Holly Ruanne

Holly Ruanne

Holly is a mammy of two lovely little ladies, living in Altrincham who thinks that it is pretty fun to draw particularly at the moment where her most exciting trip out is for a can of cider with her neighbour over the top of the wheelie bins (#binbar). Every drawing has a memory attached to it as she regularly draws people and things that have made her laugh out loud.